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Let the sunshine in!

Solar Passive
Who knew that the song from Hair is also a great energy tip for the winter months?

If you are like much of the country and hunkering down in the midst of a wee nip in the air, then be sure that you are making the most of what little sun there might be to warm your home. Try opening blinds and shades, particularly on the south and west sides of your home before you leave in the morning to make use of the sun’s heating potential.

The savings are quite staggering. At the upper end of the spectrum, where the entire house is purposely designed for passive solar, heating bills can drop by 50%. Your savings will depend on the orientation of your house and the size of your windows.

solar passive design

Some principles of passive solar design. Courtesy IKLIM

Solar passive also works best where winter skies are clear. And of course, you should first check that you don’t have any gaps in the windows (Energy Tip #11) which may result in more cold air seeping in. Once this is taken care of,
the passive solar radiation can help to bump up your inside temperature by a couple of degrees, saving your heating system the extra work. The best thing about this is that it is that the sun’s energy doesn’t cost a dime.

So while I’m still not sure what the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius actually means, I am pretty sure the writers of Hair were into energy efficiency.

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