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Keep your air conditioner free of gunk

Last week we suggested easing up on the A/C during summer months to conserve energy. But whatever temp you choose, it makes sense to keep your cooling system running as efficiently as possible. Take a few minutes to give it a proper cleaning. You’ll save energy and extend its life.

**How this helps**

Air conditioners suck up a lot of dust and gunk, cutting down their cooling ability. Whether you have a window-mounted unit our a central unit, a quick cleaning will lower your energy bills and improve its performance.

**More information**

* A quick guide to cleaning your A/C from the Queen of Clean.

**Related tips**

* Wash your clothes with cold water.
* Skip the dryer altogether and use a clothesline instead.
* Open a window rather than turn on the A/C if the outside temp is below 70° F.

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