Terrapass and JustGreen™!

JustGreenAs of April 25th, 2014 JustGreen™ has acquired terrapass. As part of the transition and streamline process, JustGreen has now been rebranded as terrapass. Now a seamless team, terrapass continues to work towards a cleaner planet by supporting emission reduction and renewable energy projects across North America.


Terrapass is still committed to providing the tools you need to fight climate change.


This merger and rebranding provides many opportunities:


  • Better tools to help you reduce your footprint and take action to fight climate change.
  • More of the high-quality, verified emission reduction projects throughout the US that you currently support.
  • Superior services to help your business meet its GHG reduction goals.
  • A larger team ready to help you.


Learn more about this acquisition and what it means for you, below:


What company bought terrapass?
When did the acquisition take place?
The transaction was complete April 25, 2014
Did JustGreen buy all or part of terrapass?
JustGreen purchased the business and consumer retail division of terrapass along with the terrapass name/brand. The carbon offset verification, wholesale and energy consulting services were not part of the acquisition and will continue to operate independently today as Origin Climate.
Why did the acquisition happen?
With the acquisition, terrapass can support more emission reduction projects and create better tools for its supports because of additional resources. Additionally, terrapass feels confident that this is more than an acquisition—it is a partnership. This partnership will help terrapass better meet our mission of helping people fight climate change.
What will this look like for me, the customer?
For our customers things will not look different. The terrapass brand has a long and successful standing and JustGreen plans to build on that, not change it. Terrapass will still be committed to providing tools to help customers fight climate change, just with better tools and more climate change fighting capacity.
What will happen to terrapass projects?
Terrapass customers will continue to support the current roster of projects. The carbon offsets will still be real, additional (i.e. they wound not happen under a “business as usual” scenario), permanent, quantifiable, never double-counted or double-sold and independently verified. All of the carbon offset projects will continue to be managed by Origin Climate.
Will terrapass still offer customized services for businesses?
At terrapass our goal is to give people the tools to fight climate change. One important and growing area of focus is helping businesses. We know that helping business measure and find ways to reduce their footprint now and in the future is good for business, and we will continue to be a guide for businesses who are just starting with their sustainability goals, or who are well into their 2020 sustainability plans.
What will happen to terrapass’ energy service consulting?
The energy consulting services will still be offered by Origin Climate.



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