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Energy tip #12: ease up on the acceleration, leadfoot

fastcar.gifLooking to save on gas money? You can save up to 37% simply by adjusting your style of your driving. If you have a tendency to accelerate quickly and brake aggressively, smoothing out the ride will give your tank some extra legs. Not to mention make your neighborhood a little safer.

You’d be amazed how much your of your car’s fuel economy is under your control. ran some tests to determine the best way to save gas and driving moderately instead of aggressively came out as the #1 thing an individual could do to improve fuel economy.

As the author of these tips, I have to admit to a little reluctance to posting this one. I’m not quite a “Dukes of Hazzard” style driver, but I do occasionally like to lay the foot on the gas pedal. I’m interested to try this out myself, so anyone elso who wants to give it a go, please feel free to share your experiences.

Let’s look at how the numbers stack up:

Average miles per gallon: 19.6
Average miles/year: 12,000
Average $/gallon (US): $2.50
Average $/year in gas: 1,531
37% savings: $566
Lbs CO2 saved: 4,432

39 people last week pledged to check their windows and doors for costly leaks (Tip #11). At 2,800 pounds of CO2 saved per home improvement project, this would mean a savings of 109,200 lbs. Assuming 20% of people actually do the project, we can bank on about 22,000 lbs. of CO2 savings, or enough to take two cars off the road for an entire year.

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