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Energy tip #8: slow and low, that is the shower flow

showerhead.gifIf you like singing in the shower but are concerned about conserving water, you’re faced with a interesting challenge: you can either find a shorter song to sing or put up $10 for a low-flow shower head and continue pleasing the neighbors with quite possibly the best versions of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” they’ve ever heard.

The nice thing about some of the newer low-flow shower heads is that they maintain high water pressure. Older versions simply let the water trickle. The newest versions push the water through smaller apertures and mix in air to create enough pressure to take off even the most viscous of supermarket soaps.

The end result is a product that leaves you clean and green. Looking at the numbers we find for California):

Cost of low-flow showerhead: $10 or less
Water bill savings: $50-75 per year
Energy bill savings: $20-50
Total savings: $70-125
CO2 savings per year: 250-625 lbs.

So there you have it, no more “I’m just a poor boy, from a poor family…” guilt. Sing about the 250-625 lbs. of CO2 you reduced and feel good about your actions. You can also leverage a portion of the savings to help fund clean energy and offset your automobile with a Road TerraPass.

Last week 34 people committed to lightening their car’s load (Tip #7), which translates into 26,010 lbs. of CO2 reduced or rougly 2 cars off the road. Let’s keep it going! Feel free to discuss you own experiences and wisdom in our comments section.

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