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Energy tip #14: use your dishwasher for good, not for evil

dishes.gifGot a dishwasher? If you happen to have an dishwasher and are running it on a daily basis, there are a few small things you can do to cut down on energy use.

  1. Don’t run the dishwasher’s dry cycle. Simply stop the dishwasher and let your fine china air dry, or just put a towel to them.
  2. Turn down the water temperature on the dishwasher to 120° F (also see Tip #13).
  3. Use the energy efficient setting if available.
  4. Pack your dishwasher efficiently.
  5. Only run full loads.

Admittedly, this is more along the lines of a mini-tip and won’t fund your monthly coffee, but it might get you a few extra brewed awakenings. Also, it’s a reminder that there are many modern conveniences that we should stop to evaluate on occassion to assess their impact and necessity.

Let’s take a peak at the numbers (courtesy of Environmental Defense and the California Energy Commission):

$/dishwasher load: $.08-.09
Savings/yr: $5
CO2 savings/yr: 100 lbs.

79 people last week pledged to turn the knob on their water heater for $ and CO2 savings (Tip #13). At roughly 2250 lbs. of CO2 per pledge, that’s a whopping savings of 177,750 lbs. Well done. This is the equivalent of 17 passenger cars not being driven for an entire year.

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