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Learn about climate change, carbon offsets, TerraPass and calculating your carbon footprint.


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Measure your personal, business,
or event carbon footprint.


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Meet your corporate sustainability goals with a Bridge to 2020 plan for emissions reductions.


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Carbon Offset Projects
Discover how carbon offset projects work—and how
they benefit their local communities.


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Purchase Offsets or RECs
Support emission reduction and clean energy projects
by purchasing carbon offsets and RECs.


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[column size=half position=first ]Independently-verified, industry-leading carbon offset projects. Take action to mitigate your carbon footprint, whether it’s from driving, flying, or energy consumption. Conservation is a first step, but more needs to be done to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere. Our U.S. emissions reduction projects produce the best carbon offsets the U.S. has to offer. Learn more about our projects

[/column][column size=half position=last ]TerraPass provides better, smarter renewable energy solutions for companies. From new custom-developed projects with positive IRRs to low-risk renewable energy purchases from qualified local projects, we help power business with the best and smartest renewable energy available.
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