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Low-carbon resolutions

When you pop the cork on your locally produced champagne this year, be sure to make at least one low-carbon resolution. Pick one simple change that will lower your carbon footprint, and put it into action.

Want to take this a step further? Calculate your total carbon footprint using the tools on our web site, and pledge to knock it down by 5% (or more, if you’re feeling ambitious).

Further still? On top of whatever conservation measures you put into place, balance your entire carbon footprint by funding clean energy and carbon reduction projects through TerraPass.

There are lots of good sources of information for lowering your carbon footprint. Browse our conservation tips, or buy a book, or purchase some energy-saving items. For quick inspiration, here’s a list of things that TerraPass employees have pledged for the new year:

  • One TerraPasser is selling his car and signing up for a car-sharing service. (He’s actually already done this, which is either cheating or admirably proactive, depending on how one measures such things. In either case, it’s a good thing.)
  • Another TerraPasser is hoping to put a solar hot water heater on her roof. This is a major project, but new tax incentives become available in California on January 1.
  • One TerraPasser is planning to install a low-flow showerhead. Easy and effective.
  • A TerraPasser with four kids has committed to doing fewer loads of laundry and giving up her hair dryer. She’s already washing clothes in cold water, but will now work to consolidate loads. Her young daughter is also getting in on the act — she’s agreed to give up her night light.
  • A highly omnivorous TerraPasser is planning to go vegetarian at least one day a week.
  • A cold-weather TerraPasser is forgoing the outrageously inefficient space heater, and instead winterizing her home with plastic window insulation, radiator reflectors, etc.

Got a carbon resolution of your own? Leave a comment.

Photo available under Creative Commons license from Flickr user Josh Shlabotnik.

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