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“Here’s a novel concept for Congress. Do something. Anything. Move.”


Wow. Following up on my earlier post about a regional cap and trade agreement between Midwestern states, it now appears there’s a full-scale governors’ revolt underway.

In the West, three governors will begin appearing in ads urging Congress to act. The bipartisan group includes two Republicans and a Democrat (Schwarzenegger, Jon Huntsman Jr. of Utah, and Brian Schweitzer of Montana, respectively). Beyond the nice bipartisan sheen, these three represent an interesting cross-section of the West. California is, well, California. Utah is the reddest of red America. And Montana is a big coal state. If this rainbow coalition can get together on climate change, you have to sort of wonder whose left on the other side.

Separately, nine Midwestern governors have formed an emissions-reduction alliance patterned on the regional agreements in the Northwest, Southwest, and West.

Goals will include increasing production of biofuels and finding ways to store carbon dioxide, which can come from coal-fired power plants, so it does not go into the atmosphere.

For instance, the deal calls for the region to decrease its energy consumption by 2 percent by 2015, and then by that same amount each year after that, Doyle said. By the same year, 15 percent of gas stations will offer the ethanol-based gasoline known as E-85. Ten years later, one-third of stations will offer that.

This isn’t exactly what I’d call an aggressive plan, and I’m pretty unenthusiastic about the ethanol and clean coal stuff, but progress still feels good, don’t it?

Photo available under Creative Commons license from Flickr user ThunderChild5.

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