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Help Dad lower his footprint

Some Father’s Day gifts that will save energy and often save money as well. And they can be used every day (not like those cuff links you gave last year…)

**Around the home**

Consistently our top seller is the Smart Strip. Plug the computer or TV and all the peripherals into one of these and watch the savings. It’s simple: devices on standby use energy. The Smart Strip turns them off when they’re not needed and back on again when they are. For a really fancy power strip, try the Isole motion sensitive power strip from WattStopper. It turns off my desk lamp and computer screen whenever I go for coffee!

**In the car**

If Dad *has* to drive, then we have a couple of great products for helping him to get the most from a tank of gas. LED Tire Alerts let you know if your tires need more air. Properly inflated tires keep you safer and can save 2-3% in fuel costs.

For the wannabe Prius driver, the ScanGauge II car computer is a great way to get real-time mpg data as you drive. Driving while trying to be as fuel efficient as possible (rather than as fast as possible) is a great way to beat those high gas prices.

**For big kids**

We have toys too. My favorite is the Fuel Cell Car and experiment kit. Complete with solar panels, fuel cell and a watt meter, the box also has materials for 30 experiments based around renewable energy and energy generation. And at the end of it, you can assemble your own car powered by the fuel cell.


And of course we have the renewable energy gadgets. Take your pick from solar or wind turbine chargers or if wind-up is more your thing, the Trevor Baylis radios and mp3 players will keep his tunes playing for as long as you keeps turning the handle.

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