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Making child’s play out of clean energy

Staff at TerraPass Towers have been busy looking around for new products to add to our popular green store. While Smart Strips, Kill A Watts and other energy-savers (many more to be announced soon) can be great ways of directly reducing your footprint, they’re not the most, well, fun products on store shelves.

Recently we came across some great games and toys with educational footprint-reduction messages, and I’m happy to announce the first few are available at TerraPass today.

Risk and Monopoly fans should be excited to try Earthopoly ($24.95), a game where you dominate the world by looking after natural resources and charging people carbon credits for landing on them.

For the nerdier among us (I’ll include myself here) the idea of building your own hydrogen fuel cell car is very cool. Now you can with the Fuel Cell Car kits (from $99.95) made by Thames and Kosmos. The more expensive one includes 30 experiments to help learn all about fuel cells, give your own presentations and generally become a complete fuel cell expert. Both sets include a fully working water-powered car.

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