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Greenland melting accelerating…

Disko Bay, GreenlandClimate skeptics often point to the unresolved question of Greenland’s melting as evidence that climate change is bunk.

A new study from NASA’s GRACE data shows that melting is taking place. According to Dr. Jianli Chen’s paper (pdf) published online in Science, Greenland is in fact shrinking, and at a higher rate than earlier studies suggest.

The melt rate is the most disturbing. Chen and his colleagues calculate a sea rise of 0.6mm per year from Greenland, a full third of the average 1.8mm annual sea level rise.

Most of the melting is coming from eastern Greenland. In addition to trouble for ocean front cottages worldwide, the thaw also raises the chance that huge amounts of freshwater melting will disrupt the thermo-haline circulation, robbing sunny England of its pleasant climate.

Dr Jianli Chen at home on the plainsSo next time a climate skeptic repeats that Greenland is actually growing, casually ask him or her if they saw Dr Chen’s GRACE study in Science (or his cool cowboy hat!).

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