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Give the gift of a massive hangover


I previously wrote about Dr. Vino’s excellent analysis of the carbon footprint of wine consumption. Now the good doctor follows up with some green wine gift selections. The main trick, it seems, is to give a really big bottle so as to minimize the bottle-to-wine shipping weight.

Magnums — which are twice the size of regular bottles — certainly look impressive, but they carry other benefits as well. Wine in magnums apparently ages better than wine in standard issue bottles (although it isn’t particularly clear why).

Magnums can also be a good value, provided they aren’t being bid up by collectors:

Vintage port is generally very expensive with recent vintages pushing $100 a bottle. Magnums, however, get a significant discount presumably because nobody can drink that much sweet wine in one sitting. Tip: have a party and serve it at the end with some Stilton and it will be an amazing farewell. Another tip: drink as much as you are able and decant it into a regular sized bottle and recork where it will stay good for a good while longer. Whatever you do with it, the stout bottle is an impressive gift.

Photo available under Creative Commons license from Flickr user Victor Geere.

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