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Friday video fun

Some folks have written a song about home energy efficiency to the tune of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes. It takes a little while to get started — my favorite bit is at the 2:30 mark — but it’s hard not to like a song that incorporates Kill-A-Watt energy monitors, caulking guns, and negawatts. Well, hard if you’re me:

David Roberts says it’s the greatest thing he’s ever seen, but for my money, it’s not even the greatest green-themed Youtube song video. That honor goes to this rap about how to use the bike racks on the public buses in Louisville, Kentucky:

The rap was written and performed by TARC bus system employees, and those dancers in the background (the “TARCettes”) are actual bus drivers. Use of the bike racks spiked after the video was released.

And, finally, just because, here’s the trailer for the Where The Wild Things Are adaptation by Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers:

I pray, pray, pray they don’t screw this up, and I’m now beginning to understand the nervous anticipation felt by Watchmen fans before that movie was released. The important difference between the book versions of Watchmen and WTWTA, of course, is that WTWTA is actually good. (Zing!)

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