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An unexpected benefit of high energy prices? That GPS for your car could be free.

Consider the case of my Dad, a daily car commuter (with a TerraPass of course — thanks, Pops!). He installed the Garmin Nuvi 760 for Father’s Day (retail $385) and immediately found the “shortest route” feature.

The result? Two miles shaved off his commute. Turns out the earlier exit, although a bit slower, is actually a shorter way to go.

The savings? Well, at his..ahem..poor mileage of 20 mpg, and 250 working days, and gas at $4.50, this little number saves him $225, giving a two year payback and leaving him with a cool new toy. The savings go up even more if he can avoid traffic jams, and use it for weekend travel as well.

Guess mom is pretty smart after all, eh? Follow her lead, try and shorten that commute by grabbing a GPS.

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