Private Aviation

Offer sustainable travel options.

Thank you for your interest in balancing flight emissions with terrapass! An aviation specialist will be in touch with you shortly.

Terrapass has extensive experience working with charter, brokers, fractional and management companies to address emissions. 

Benefits of Joining

By joining with terrapass, you can offer your clients a way to fly carbon neutral and help move the aviation industry toward a more sustainable future.

We help you offer an easy way for your clients to offset their emissions. By implementing a carbon offsetting program, you are communicating that you understand the environmental impact of private aviation and matching the desire of your clients to continue to fly and consider the environment at the same time.

The process is easy.

  1. We’ll assess your business model, aircraft use, and client needs.
  2. Every time a client books a flight, purchases a jet card, or uses your service, you can offer an offset.
  3. The client pays for the offset directly to you, you report to terrapass on participation and we retire those offsets on behalf of your customers.
  4. Once we have evaluated your client’s environmental impact when flying with your company, we can discuss custom programs to offset those emissions on a monthly or quarterly basis.

No upfront fees to your business, only offset your client’s aircraft emissions when they opt into the program. Build a program today that is easy, affordable, and beneficial to you.

Become an Industry Leader

You can become a leader in the industry by understanding and being able to offer sustainable travel choices. Match your client’s corporate and personal initiatives. More and more companies are measuring carbon emissions, more and more individuals are taking action to lower their impact—be sure you have a way to help your clients reach their goals and meet your goals of growing business at the same time.