TerraPass and Egencia offer six products, which you can match to your level of flight emissions. All products include a free gift and free shipping.

USD $120.99

18,000 lbs CO2

Balance up to 45,000 flight miles

Road Warrior
USD $271.99

40,000 lbs CO2

Balance up to 100,000 flight miles


About the Flight TerraPass

Why buy a Flight TerraPass?

A Flight TerraPass is an innovative way to counterbalance the global warming impact of your flying. Planes use a lot of fuel. A cross-country flight burns more than 100 gallons of fuel per passenger. Airline travel already creates a significant proportion of the world's global warming pollution, and it’s growing faster than any other single source.

The best way to reduce those emissions is to cut back on unnecessary trips, or to use more fuel-efficient transportation for short trips. But when you have to fly, you can use a Flight TerraPass to balance out your impact.

How does a Flight TerraPass work?

Your purchase of a Flight TerraPass results in reductions in carbon dioxide emissions through projects such as wind farms, biomass energy, and industrial efficiency. The emissions are verified by an independent third party. TerraPass is the only member of our industry to offer a published verification report.

How is the distance for each Flight TerraPass calculated?

Although the amount of carbon reductions associated with each Flight TerraPass is exact, the corresponding flight distance is only an estimate. The actual emissions per passenger from any given flight will vary based on a number of conditions, including the type of plane, the length of the trip, weather conditions, etc. The distance estimates are based on protocols developed by the World Resources Institute.

Do the distance estimates have something to do with my frequent flier plan?

No, the distance associated with each Flight TerraPass is completely unrelated to any airline’s frequent flier program.