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Don’t judge a wine by its box

Tyler Colman, aka Dr. Vino, takes to the pages of the New York Times to report on the latest developments in green wine, one of our favorite topics here at TerraPass. Boxed wine, you might recall, is more environmentally friendly than wine shipped in heavy glass bottles. And, contrary to popular impression, not all boxed wine is terrible.

The Italian government just announced that some wines that receive the government’s quality assurance label may now be sold in boxes. In the south of France, most fridges are stocked with a box of rosé during the summer months.

This makes sense. Boxed wine is not just environmentally friendly. It’s also consumer friendly. Boxes are cheaper, easier to handle, and neatly eliminate the problem of wine waste when you can’t finish a whole bottle. The large majority of table wines aren’t meant to age, making them perfectly well suited to box packaging.

Of course, most boxed wines in the U.S. aren’t of a very high quality. But this, as Dr. Vino notes, is a solvable problem. America will soon be the largest wine market in the world. Put better wine in the box, and consumers will surely come around. (Could this be a job for Wal-Mart?)

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