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Dial F for fish


This has roughly zero climate change relevance, but it’s nifty and green and perhaps you’ll find it as useful as I do: text the message “fish <fish name>” to Blue Ocean’s Fishphone (30644) to receive an assessment of whether the filet you’re planning to purchase for dinner is environmentally kosher.

So, for example, when I text “fish cod” to 30644, I immediately get the following response:

Pacific cod (GREEN) few environmental concerns, MSC certified as sustainable; Atlantic cod (RED) significant environmental concerns

Green means go. Red means stay away. MSC indicates that the Marine Stewardship Council has certified the fish as a best environmental choice.

The service is fairly clever. It also issues health warnings and suggests alternatives. For example, when I ask about Chilean sea bass, the response sounds the alarm about illegal fishing and mercury content, and suggests I try striped bass or pacific halibut instead.

Put the number (30644) in your address book now and never worry again about tripping up on your cod.

Update: if you can’t access the SMS service, you can also download and print a fish guide here, or browse a web site designed for mobile devices at

Via Bitten.

Photo available under Creative Commons license from flickr user clairity.

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