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Creating a standard for carbon offset vendors

a TerraPass Nerd in the wild
Nerd alert: This post is a boring commentary on standards for carbon offset regimes. We are not responsible for drool on reader’s keyboard or that special mark the trackball, “g” and “h” letters make on your forehead.

We have long looked forward to the creation of an industry standard to set guidelines for the service that TerraPass provides. We think that standards, especially those developed through an open stakeholder process, can unlock markets by boosting vendor quality and consumer confidence.

A case in point is the Green-e green power marketing standard. Conceived over 10 years ago, the stakeholder process resolved thorny issues about which forms of renewable energy would qualify for consumer support. Today, half a million consumers and thousands of businesses have collectively bought over five million megawatt hours of clean renewable energy. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, as of 2003 the voluntary market had been responsible for the installation of 2,300 megawatts of wind capacity.

The hope now is that the Center for Resource Solutions can re-create their success with a standard for the retail carbon offset markets.

We wanted to share with you, our most important stakeholders, TerraPass’
response to the draft standard
(pdf). These comments will also be published on the CRS site, along with all other comments, in a few weeks. If you think we missed anything, or have a question, or just want to comment, drop a note below.

A bit of fair warning: this isn’t exactly gripping reading, and some of our recommendations only make sense in the context of various industry debates. If you have any questions about why we’ve made a particular recommendation, just ask. On the bright side, it’s only seven pages long.

If you are an industry participant, observer, carbon purchaser, fence-sitter, naysayer or cheerleader we encourage you to send your own comments to CRS. This is our industry to create, to shape and to nurture for the future.

The future would like to hear from you.

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