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Create your own bike lane

This product doesn’t actually exist, but based the internet enthusiasm for it, somebody ought to get it into production real quick like:

Traditional blinkers might alert drivers to a cyclist’s presence, but they don’t do a very good job establishing a zone of safety around the bike. By “painting” a visible marker onto the pavement, LightLane establishes a boundary that could keep riders safer.

Beyond any utility the device might have as a safety device, it seems like a nice social statement. If your city doesn’t support cyclists, then make your own infrastructure, in a non-destructive kind of way.

Of course, the product doesn’t actually exist, and it’s not clear that it would even work. Bikes bounce around and vibrate a lot, and that nice crisp line would likely be more of a blurry squiggle. If this device interests you, though, the Down Low Glow is the next best thing, and is available at Amazon in a variety of pretty colors.

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