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Conservation Tip: Change your car’s air filter

A few of you wrote in to also suggest another gas and pollution saving tip — changing your car’s air filter. Perhaps you’ve seen the accordion-like thing that the Jiffy Lube mechanic always shows to you when you are getting the oil changed.

Well, more often than not he is right. A blocked air filter can reduce mileage by 10%! (source:EPA) And every TerraPass member knows that a gallon of gas saved is 20 lbs of CO2 that doesn’t go into the air.

You should change your air filter once every 12,000 miles. Why not do it at the same time you buy your TerraPass?

You don’t even have to go to Jiffy Lube to change it. A new air filter costs about $20 (or about twice as much for a reusable version that will save you money in the long run). Edmunds has a great little video on how to change this yourself. All you need to fight climate change is two screwdrivers…

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