Welcome Clean Currents and MOM’s customers

As a Clean Currents and MOM’s customer you are already committed to reducing your carbon footprint. Follow MOM’s lead by taking these steps for yourself.Use our carbon footprint calculator to determine your yearly emissions. Then purchase carbon offsets to balance these activities.


If your financial support for our projects exceeds $35, use the code MOMS and we will send you a FREE Climate Change Chocolate bar to say thanks!


Your offset purchases support emission reduction projects at dairies, landfills and other facilities in the United States.


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About our partners:


Clean Currents is a residential and commercial wind power supplier serving customers in Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.


Click here to switch to wind power for home and get a MOM’s gift card!


MOM’s Organic Market is a family-owned and operated grocer with locations throughout the DC and Baltimore region. MOM’s purpose is to protect and restore the environment. The company leads by example, with in-store recycling and waste reduction initiatives. MOM’s has teamed up with other green businesses like Clean Currents and TerraPass to work towards a cleaner, greener world.


Want to understand better how TerraPass carbon offsets work? Click here.


We also offer tips and strategies for further direct reductions to your carbon footprint so you can reduce your need for offsets going forward.