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Cheese curds, thunderstorms, and hospitality in Wisconsin

The annual Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair was held this past weekend in central Wisconsin drawing people from all over the Midwest. Roughly 15,000 festival goers made the trip from Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, and other nearby states. I even managed to meet a woman who journeyed 18 hours from Oklahoma to become better educated on eco-living tips and renewable energy knowledge.

Highlight of the fair: while taking a gander around the fairgrounds, I managed to run into David Johnson, a radiologist from Minnesota (pictured here) who was showing off his Chevy S10 electric pick-up that was fully equipped with a TerraPass sticker. He did a great job of plugging TerraPass as one of “the most cost-effective ways to contribute to climate change mitigation” to all those who visited his truck and his enthusiasm was truly contagious.

Thanks again to all those who stopped by the booth to learn about TerraPass and if you weren’t able to log on at the fair, use our online carbon calculator to get started.

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