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Check out our new home energy emissions calculator and win fabulous prizes

Our new home energy emissions calculator uses a combination of energy prices, regional energy usage patterns and local emissions data to calculate your home energy emissions. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is. The same $100 spent in one part of the country might have a completely different emisions profile than $100 spent in another.

For those intrigued by these variations (or perhaps just seeking a few minutes of distraction), here’s our challenge: with a budget of $100, what combination of expenditure on home energy produces a) the highest carbon emissions and b) the lowest carbon emissions?

Post entries in the comments to this blog post. A valid entry will consist of a ZIP code, a set of energy bills totaling up to $100, and a total pounds of CO2.

Note that there are several factors at play here. In regions with low energy prices, $100 will buy more energy (and therefore more carbon emissions). In regions with particularly dirty energy, $100 will also buy more carbon emissions. And vice versa. So the winning entries will be ones which find the magic combos of cheap and dirty energy vs. expensive and clean.

We’re giving away $100 in gift certificates – $50 to the highest emissions and $50 to the lowest. When you post your answer below, remember to include your email address so we can get in touch with you. Don’t worry, it won’t be displayed publicly.

The competition will officially close one week from today, although the winners will probably submit their entries long before then. You have to use $100 and should only use it on gas and/or electricity. And don’t bother messing with the finetuning controls on the calculator results. We’ll know!

Have fun!

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