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Check out our whizzy flight emissions calculator, and win a free Flight TerraPass

Flight TerraPassWe’re all about education at TerraPass, and so one of the aspects of the recently announced flight product that we’re most pleased with is the flight emissions calculator. It’s a moderately nifty Google Maps mash-up with a thick Ajax frosting that makes it incredibly easy to see exactly how much carbon is emitted when you fly from point A to point B.

For those in our readership who don’t speak dork, what that last sentence means is that the TerraPass flight emissions calculator is easy, interactive, and fun to use. Did you know that flying between New York and LA create 1,918 lbs of CO2 per passenger? That flying between Atlanta and Ushuaia creates 4,821 lbs of CO2 per passenger? Now you do.

One little challenge I set for myself while testing the calculator was to try to discover the two commercial airports in the world that are furthest apart. Now I’m throwing this game out to the general public. Find the longest route you can between any two airports, and submit it as a comment to this post. Whoever comes up with the longest route first wins a free TerraPass Puddle Jumper, good for 2,500 lbs of CO2 (about 6,000 flight miles).

An added bonus: if the winning entry beats my personal best, I’ll upgrade you to an TerraPass Intercontinental, worth 7,500 lbs of CO2.

Some additional details:

  • Remember to include your email address when you post your entry, so that we can get in touch with you. Don’t worry, your email address won’t be displayed.
  • I expect a winning entry will turn up fairly quickly, but this content will officially close one week from today.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your route can actually be flown. In fact, I can guarantee that the winning entry will not be possible via a direct flight.
  • We’re only interested in the results offered by our flight calculator, regardless of whether alternative calculations are possible. For example, it might be possible to shortcut certain routes by flying over the North Pole. Doesn’t matter. Not interested. The TerraPass flight calculator is the ultimate arbiter of truth and justice so far as this contest is concerned.
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