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Changes to The TerraPass Footprint

Some news on the blog front: starting with the next edition of the newsletter, we’ll be moving from a weekly to a less frequent format. The change reflects a planned slowdown in our posting schedule, but otherwise expect the content to remain pretty much what you’re used to. As always, if you want to get updates as soon as new articles are available – as well as keep your email inbox clean – feel free to subscribe to our sassy RSS feed.

On a more personal note: my last day at TerraPass was on Friday. If you’ve been reading for a long time, you may know that TerraPass began as a business school class project a little over five years ago. I was the last member of that original class still at the company. As is normal and appropriate at a start-up, people have left over time to follow other pursuits. While my departure may represent a certain turning of the page at TerraPass, it won’t much affect the operations of the company. I say this with some pride, as one mark of a successful start-up is its ability to outgrow its founders.

In my case, my newest pursuit is marriage. Actually – amazingly – I recently celebrated my first anniversary, which signaled to my wife and me that it was time to take an overdue honeymoon and then set in motion some personal plans that we had been deferring. I’d say more, but I don’t want to bore you with my personal life. Also, the little lady and I are still sorting through the details ourselves. Know anyone who wants to sublet a Brooklyn apartment for three months?

I once thought it would be fun to comb through the years of archived posts on our site and pull out the ones that I now most strongly wanted to disavow, either because the predictions had proven so badly off the mark, or because my thinking had progressed, or simply because the original was so sloppy. Blogging has to be the least-accountable industry outside of stock picking, and it seemed to me that readers deserve to hear us occasionally say, “We were wrong.”

Those retrospective posts never happened – the topic just didn’t make for very interesting reading – but here goes anyway: I’ve frequently been wrong. Climate change is a complex and evolving topic, and I’ve been learning as I go. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning alongside me. I’m grateful for your attention, and I’m sorry for being so mouthy all the time, particularly in the comments section.

Thanks to the readers and thanks especially to TerraPass. It takes a good deal of maturity and a little bit of recklessness to let a boisterous conversation run unchecked in public on a company web site. I’m glad to have worked at a place like that sees value in such a conversation.

Hopefully I’ll be contributing occasional posts as time allows, so: until next time!

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