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Carbon calc hi-jinks

Ah, the joys of data maintenance.

Thanks to all of you who have pointed out omissions and other issues with our carbon calculator. (This is the fun little tool you can use to calculate the annual CO2 output of your car. Give it a whirl if you haven’t tried it yet.)

We derive the data from the EPA fuel economy ratings, and while this data is quite good, it falls short of, say, stupendously awesome. We work out the kinks as we discover them, so please keep the bug reports coming. Just this morning, I pushed out a bunch of updates and fixes.

In some cases, the data just doesn’t exist. For example, the EPA doesn’t rate vehicles that weigh over 8,500 pounds, because these vehicles are exempt from fuel economy testing requirements. Go figure.

But if you do own, say, a Chevrolet Avalanche, there is a simple solution to the missing data problem: sell your Avalanche immediately, buy a nice Volkswagen Jetta, and get yourself a TerraPass, stat.

Thank you.

(P.S. Someday we’ll support Safari web browser, I promise.)

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