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Bringing balance to online shopping

Online shopping is a great option for making quick, easy purchases that are shipped right to your door. However, shipping your items across the country can carry a heavy burden on the environment (yes, pun intended).

Which is why we are thrilled to announce a new carbon balanced shipping partnership with, an online site that features a “daily offer” from specialty retailers. What’s unique about jasmere is that as more customers buy the featured product of the day, the less everyone has to pay (if you’re not a believer, you can read more here). Some recent features have included organic clothing, eco-friendly flip flops, and TerraPass offsets.

Each of jasmere’s vendors now has the option to join “Ships Green” and balance out the emissions from their shipments. For each unit bought, the featured merchant will be supporting TerraPass projects, without passing on any additional cost to their customers. The feedback has been great so far, with dozens of new retailers jumping on board and lots of customer excitement around this initiative.

So keep your eye out for the Ships Green logo on jasmere, and get in touch with us if your company (or friend, family member, neighbor) would be interested in carbon balanced shipping.

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