Winter Holidays That Keep Your Carbon Footprint In Check

Snow filled forest

Written by TerraPass


The holidays are a perfect time to cherish the ones you love, including Mother Earth. But seasonal travel can do a number on the planet. How do you keep your carbon footprint from looking like a Yeti’s in the snow while still enjoying your vacation? In addition to purchasing carbon offsets from terrapass, make sure your winter holiday is eco-friendly with these great ideas.

Winter Holidays That Keep Your Carbon Footprint In CheckVisit an Eco-Friendly Ski Resort: Hit the slopes and enjoy majestic views of this gorgeous planet at an earth-friendly resort. There are a number of options to choose from, including Sundance in Park City, Utah, which actor Robert Redford created to exist in harmony with the mountainous terrain. If you’re more interested in an East Coast escape, there’s Smugglers’ Notch in upstate Vermont, which uses energy efficiently and leaves the environment undisturbed.

Make S’mores at an Airbnb, Complete with Fireplace:  Airbnb offers many eco-friendly accommodations and you can even search their site for “green” apartments and homes.  Most Airbnb properties don’t provide single-use toiletries, and towels and sheets aren’t changed daily, therefore there is less waste and your carbon footprint is significantly smaller than that associated with a hotel stay.  When searching Airbnb (or other sites), look for a space that has a fireplace. Upon arrival, get the fire roaring, line up the marshmallows on skewers and you’ve got the start of some delicious s’more-making. Tour the local scene on foot and if you’re in the mountains, you can hike and snowshoe for eco-friendly fun!

Winter Holidays That Keep Your Carbon Footprint In CheckFind an Eco-Friendly Chalet: Ecobnb has plenty of green offerings for rent. You can snag a spot in the fairy tale-looking Austrian locale, St. Martin Chalets, which use 100% renewable energy.

Stay in a Hut and Play in the Snow: Go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking or fat bike riding in the snow or explore backwoods with a guide at Maine Huts and Trails. The “huts” are actually stunning eco-friendly lodges. Make sure to bring your sleds! With sleds, you won’t leave a carbon footprint, just a trail of fun and laughter.

Winter Holidays That Keep Your Carbon Footprint In CheckSnuggle up in a Whitepod in Switzerland: Warm up with the heat from a pellet stove in a geodesic dome in the Swiss Alps. The energy-efficient pods even blend into the mountainside, where you can ski, snowshoe and enjoy locally-sourced eats. Don’t miss a dog sled ride, either, which definitely won’t conflict with Mother Earth’s natural winter glow.

As you’ll likely need transport to get you to your eco-friendly, winter destination, be sure to purchase terrapass carbon offsets to balance out the pollution created from plane, train or automobile.

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