Wind-up radio triumphs over modern technology

Written by pete


There’s no television in the TerraPass office. So this morning we crowded around MSNBC’s live stream of the inauguration. Alas, along with most other news sites the stream couldn’t stand up to the pressure.

Just as Chief Justice Roberts stepped forward, the image froze again. Anybody got a radio? But of course, we keep wind-up radios in the green store. After a minute of winding, we found our local NPR station to hear the end of the gun salute and Steve Inskeep saying “well that really was the highlight of the day”.

At least we didn’t miss the speech. Although the 3-second delay between the audio and the not-quite-keeping-up images made it a challenging viewing experience. “It’s like watching a kung-fu movie” quipped one TP employee.

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  1. Kevin

    It’s a shame you missed the oath flub by Justice Roberts.
    One thing to remember, though? Your wind-up couldn’t have worked without the sound equipment in Washington, DC feeding the satellite network that provided a feed for your radio station which was using their own transmission equipment to pump the signal out to you… So you could say modern technology still prevailed.

  2. Eric

    Don’t feel bad. We missed that exact same part in our office online too while watchin cnn online. By the way, we have an almost idendetical radio at home and love it! Highly recommended for csamping, power outages or emergencys.