What’s your Earth Day resolution?

Written by pete


Last year we asked you to sign a card with your Earth Day resolution. This year we’ve jumped on the bandwagon of the twitter craze.

We’ve turned over the TerraPass homepage to your (and everybody else’s) Earth Day resolutions and pledges. All in just 140 characters, using the “microblogging” service, twitter.

Post your own resolution using a twitter account, or leave yours in the comments below and we’ll post it for you. Let’s show everybody just how easy it is to make small changes that will save energy and reduce our footprints!

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  1. oMordah

    I pledge to continue as I have all my life, (being a 5th gen tree hugger), to find all ways each day, that I am able to lesson my impact on the environment.
    From simple things like using the paper on the outside of each teabag for note paper,to encouraging my fellow apt dwellers to recycle. And to continue to pass on the tradition of responsibility to our environment to my kids/grandkids, as I was taught.

  2. Keith Whitworth

    I have achieved the low hanging fruit, (CFL’s, composting, cloth bags, public transportation, etc.), so I pledge to go to the next level such as rain harvesting, planting a garden, and following up on our home energy audit. I still have much to learn and achieve as I strive to practice voluntary simplicity.

  3. Nancy S.

    I have always been concerned about the environment, but I need to be more pro-active. I try to avoid disposable items in my house, such as plates, cups and silverware at parties, and so far have succeeded. I am using public transportation more often, especially for my part-time job at an upscale department store in our mall. I need to work more on using reusable bags or to at least bring back the paper bags I used the last time. This year’s goals are to 1) use public transportation at least two times a week; 2) eliminate dryer usage to two times a week; 3) purchase a hybrid car.

  4. Debbie T

    I am going to eat less processed food and more fresh locally grown food.
    I can track our usage by how much reycling we put out to be picked up. We end up with way too many cardboard boxes.

  5. Eric

    We are extensive recyclers and we just decided to use what we recycle, so all our household paper products are now 100% recycled material.
    We just purchased the most energy efficient clothes washer on the market we could find. Although we don’t hang our laundry on a line we did get a dryer that has a humidity sensor so it doesn’t dry longer than needed and the washer spins an amazing amount of water out of the laundry which cuts down on dryer use too.

  6. Sam-Hec

    Eat more Greens less Meat.
    My own meals I must complete.
    Green lady I should greet.

  7. Tom Cotter

    Think your Twitter link is broke.

  8. george

    i plan to do the same thing i have been doing for years.use low flow shower heads,conserve on water usage,use low wattage flourescent light bulbs,recycle,reuse our water bottles a zillion times and then recycle them when they are at the end of their life,reuse computer paper,by recycled products.teach my children to do the same and give back to our world.

  9. CherylK

    Planting a garden is something everyone can do. If you live in an apartment, consider a container garden on your deck or patio or in a sunny window.
    Raingardens and lakescaping are beautiful gardens which actually filter out pollutants before they flow into our natural waters…rivers, lakes, oceans.

  10. Christine

    I pledge to CONTINUE to walk every day; to take public transport when I need to go far; to buy local food; to only use the dryer when I need something dry in a hurry and to recycle everything I can!

  11. Anonymous

    I pledge to always receycle and use my metro scooter at least twice a week . Never use the dryer. Keep trying to convince my sister to think green. Try out water less car wash for my hybrid.

  12. Murray Foster

    Full disclosure: I’m about to promote a website I run, but it’s a not-for-profit eco-website. It’s called Platypus (www.greenplatypus.com) and it’s basically an e-card website that forwards the money generated to carbon offsetting. I created it for people who have done all they can to green their homes but want to give more.
    Oh yeah – I’m also planting a 10×20 veggie garden on some city land behind my house….
    have a great Earth Day!

  13. John Smith

    I got up this morning, went outside leaving the door open with the A/C on and started my big SUV. I let it warmup for 30 minutes before going on a drive, just for the heck of it. Came back home shut the door and opened all the windows and turned the A/C on high. Sitting here at the computer printing stuff just to se how many pages I can use up, maybe a whole tree.

  14. Eliza Olson

    My organization, the Burns Bog Conservation Society has joined with members of the Unitarian church, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Sister Cecelia, Sisters of Mercy and others to carry out a Pilgrimage to Burns Bog on Sunday, April 26.
    The Pilgrimage begins at 2 p.m. 640 Chester Rd. Annacis Island, goes over the Alex Fraser Bridge (this gives a great overview of Burns Bog)to 10388 Nordel Court (Great Pacific Forum Planet Ice), Delta, to meet those who wish/can only take part in the walk in the Delta Nature Reserve (the edge of Burns Bog)at 3:15 p.m.
    People will be given self-guided booklets for the Delta Nature Reserve. They will be met by singers and Karl Perrin in the forested area for the final ceremony which will include a universal blessing, readings and more singing.
    The purpose of the Pilgrimage is to showcase the spirituality of bogs/peatlands, the threats to Burns Bog by the South Fraser Perimeter Road and threats to bogs/peatlands world-wide.
    Peatlands cover only 3% of the earth’s surface. They store twice as much carbon as the world’s forests biomass or three times as much as the tropical rainforests.
    The destruction of peatlands is responsible for 10% (3 billion tonnes)of Greenhouse Gases. The fastest and cheapest way to reduce the production of GHGs is to immediately stop the destruction of peatlands. (UN, Dec.7/07)
    The problem is that peatlands like all wetlands have not had a good P.R. company to extoll the virtues of the lilliputians in peatlands.
    Our Society is working to change that against all odds.
    My lesson for Earthday and my first Earthday act. If you are in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, please join us on Sunday.
    Eliza Olson
    Canada’s Earthday Hometown Hero 2006

  15. Lori

    I am normally very consious, but I was in need of container to store leftover because I only use glass and I was running out of dishes. Instead of buying a new case of Pyrex food storage containers, I walked our downtown square antique shops and picked up a ton of the old Pyrex refrigerator glass storage boxes for a fraction of the price and non of the impact. I was so excited to be reusing something instead of buying new. Besides… this things are over 60 years old and still look brand new and made in the USA. Win Win!

  16. Anonymous

    I pledge to get my vegetable garden going and to USE all my wonderful ripe compost.

  17. Anonymous

    Green resolutions, I like it, Pete!
    OK, folks: this does not have to be difficult (such as using tea bags for note paper!)
    THIS YEAR my family pledges to: put up a clothes line, grow more food in the garden, and try to car pool into the office 2x/week.

  18. Anonymous

    Thank you, john, for exemplifying the stupidity of waste and fiscal savvy of environmental awareness.

  19. Dave

    I’m trying to bicycle to work 200 times this year. It’s just under 5 miles each way, and this will be my 4th year riding (or taking the bus on really awful days). We could sell a car or two, since they mostly just sit. Still researching ways to insulate the house more effectively. Stretch goal: to get some grid-tied PV installed.
    We’re doing most of the other easy stuff… using CFL and LED lightbulbs, line-drying the laundry most of the time, composting from home and work, using a rain barrel, vegetable gardening, getting local free range eggs from the family farm, landscaping with native plants, pulling out invasive plants in the watershed parklands, picking up and recycling litter as we go about town, installed a solar attic vent fan, turned up settings on AC thermostat and down on heating thermostat, replaced the old toilets with modern eco-flush versions, turned down the water heater, using energy star appliances, canning some produce for year-round use, driving 2 hybrid cars, and finally but not least– offsetting our leftover CO2 emissions from vehicles, home and travel (thanks, Terrapass!).

  20. Mary Trujillo

    I’m trying my hardest to buy as little NEW as possible. My friends and family give each other spare things we have like housewares, electronics, clothes, etc, rather than purchasing the same items new. I’ve also decided to try to find a way to reuse EVERYTHING I plan on throwing away before throwing it in the bin. I’ve made tupperware, little planters and storage bins out of old plastic food tubs and made cat dishes out of plastic frozen dinner plates plus I’ve banished plastic bags from my home!

  21. Scott

    A micro resolution to add more pipe insulation to my home. I finished 10′ on April 22. Still have a fair bit more to go…

  22. Anonymous

    Continue to pre-cycle, reduce, reuse, recycle and restore.
    Took my 12 year old to “Earth” and paid full price in order to get two more trees planted and keep my son focused on our planet.
    Will tune up my “98” Jeep Cherokee, inherited, not bought,.
    Use clothesline and clothes brush more this year, despite son’s allergies to our cats.
    Try again and again to encourage my daughter, mother and sister to be aware (Mrs. Bush-Republican will never get it – sigh.)

  23. Julie

    I have been doing most of the low cost activities suggested by others here, but there is one thing we’ve started doing recently that no one has mentioned so far: household water recycling. We keep 2 1-gal buckets at each sink in the house to catch water from washing hands, rinsing dishes, waiting for hot water to arrive, etc. We also keep a larger bucket under the low-flow shower head. All water thus collected is used to water plants, run the garbage disposal or flush toilets. By the way, we only flush our toilets when really necessary or when company is coming (don’t want to “gross out” the guests).

  24. Paul Thompson

    No dryer, hang clothes outside and reconnect with your ancestors…use the furnace room with a clothes rack in the cold season, bi-flush toilet …you choose low or high water level…I never use 1.6 gal, always .8 gal.
    encourage composting at community events and secure agreements with local waste haulers to compost yard waste, kitchen waste and non recyclable paper like pizza boxes, freezer boxes, milk and juice cartons (even with the plastic spouts)…people in Edina and Linden Hills MN love it…cuts your trash bill way down.
    Go to your mayor and city council and volunteer to start a Green Team which might become an Energy and Environmental Commission to measure and plan actions to reduce your city/ town carbon footprint with the help of programs like the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP- global program) and ICLEI- cities cutting carbon.
    Organize a 350.org event on 10/24/09 to bring attention to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in Dec. 09 to begin the global partnership of moving our atmosphere back to 350 ppm. of CO2, the safe maximum level of CO2 in our air for keeping our planet recognizable…we are now at 388 ppm…urgent action is needed NOW!!! Bring this message to schools, faith communities and local businesses. go to http://www.350.org to register your event.
    and whatever you choose to do, do it with feeling and love in your heart…we need all the support we can give each other.
    GOOD WORK EVERYONE,,,,,,,,,,plant a garden, use quiet, hand tools, ride your bike and build your neighborhood by staying home and spending time with your neighbors.
    What have you got to lose??????
    Plenty, ask your kids.

  25. Eliza Olson

    My goal is to teach children in our summer day camps how to build a solar oven. Help! I need instructions. I keep hearing about people building them, but the information is not specific enough for me. One parent said her Grade 4 son built one. Someone received a $75000 prize for building one, but the picture is not sufficiently clear as to what is inside of the solar oven. Is it a pot for water? Or is it an integral part of the oven?
    I would appreciate any and all help.

  26. Adam Stein

    Hi Eliza,
    Sounds like a fun project. You can find plans for about 30 different kinds of solar cooker here:
    With such a variety to choose from, maybe you can turn this into some sort of competition?

  27. Eliza Olson

    Thanks a whole bunch for the information about the solar ovens. I really appreciate it.

  28. jamfhall1

    We too are multi-generational treehuggers, but more out of necessity. My Native grandparents on my adopted father’s side practiced the 3 R’s because on the rez there is simply NOTHING there! We’ve walked Hwy 395 from the OR border to Reno (not all at once!) picking up cans. They dumpster dove in Tahoe Donner. Nice stuff with price tags. My bio father stills dumpster dives at Donner Lake. He taught my kids “his way” although my kids and I had been practicing it for years on military bases across the country. My daughter picks up every coin she spots. In one month she filled her homemade bank (a Glenn Fiddich(?)canister) with $26.00. The bank teller was shocked when the coin machine was finished. I use a wooden dryer rack indoors. So what if it takes all day to dry. We have still have plenty of towels, socks and underwear to make it till tomorrow. My husband and I just hauled home a nice old fashioned metal t-post clothesline from his work’s scrapyard. Guess what we’ll be doing this weekend. My daughter walks 3-4 miles to work. I wish I had her glutes! I picked huckleberries for the first time last August. We still have two gallons in the freezer despite eating 1/4 cup w/my oatmeal everyday. I better stop here.