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TerraPass Expanding Its Portfolio Thanks to a Strategic Alliance with Bonneville Environmental Foundation

water restorationHouston, Texas, July 29, 2015 /3BL Media/ – TerraPass, a leader in sustainable carbon emissions solutions, is pleased to announce that not only do we help reduce the effects of climate change with our carbon offset and renewable energy credits, but we will also be able to help preserve and restore important water ways vital to our planet. This is all thanks to a new partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). As the creator and exclusive provider of BEF Water Restoration Certificates (WRCs®), BEF seeks to restore and preserve freshwater ecosystems by balancing customers’ environmental impact with creative water solutions. In addition to an array of carbon offset products for businesses and individuals, TerraPass customers can now minimize their water footprint by purchasing BEF Water Restoration Certificates® (BEF WRCs®) on the new web portal. The effort will directly support water restoration projects in Northern California and across North America.

“The average American uses about 100 gallons of water a day and that water needs to come from somewhere.  Too much use and waste is starting to impact our freshwater resources,” says Christopher Duzich, Vice President, TerraPass.  “In our efforts to continually provide our customers with innovative, real solutions to combat climate change, we found it prudent that we expand our product offerings to include Water Restoration Certificates®.  The goal is to restore water to our rivers and streams and we are thrilled to welcome BEF into the fold to work together to preserve our natural resources for future generations.”

In many areas across the country, water scarcity is on the rise. Repeatedly withdrawing water for agriculture, industry, and business too often causes resources to dry up, impacting water quality and disrupting ecosystems. The voluntary, market-based BEF Water Restoration Certificates® program provides farmers, ranchers, businesses, industries, and other water users with an economic incentive to devise new water management solutions to restore water to critically dewatered ecosystems. A $2 BEF WRC® represents 1,000 gallons of water restored to a stream, river, or wetland on your behalf. BEF WRCs® directly contribute to restoring the economic, recreational, and ecological vitality of freshwater ecosystems. To date, BEF and its partners have supported projects across 8 states and have restored over 13.5 billion gallons through the sale of BEF WRCs®. That’s the equivalent of filling over 20,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“This partnership between BEF’s Water Restoration Certificate Program and TerraPass will empower individuals and businesses to help solve pressing water issues in the U.S.,” says Todd Reeve, CEO of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.  “BEF’s Water Restoration Certificate Program and TerraPass are committed to engaging the public and business sector to help lead the way towards water sustainability.  By supporting new on-the-ground projects that change the way water is used, this partnership will directly help meet the water use needs for both humansand nature.”

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, a widely-recognized leader in freshwater restoration for the past 2 decades, reviews all WRC flow restoration projects to ensure optimum environmental benefit. Projects span 8 states, from Prickly Pear Creek in Montana, to Upper Dotta Meadow in California.

Together, TerraPass and BEF are educating individuals and businesses about their water resources, and providing a viable solution to balance their water footprint.

About TerraPass

TerraPass, a provider of sustainable carbon emissions solutions since 2004, is a trade name of Just Energy Resources LLC, a member of the Just Energy group of companies that is focused on pursuing sustainable solutions to climate change. We support projects throughout North America that reduce greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. The TerraPass products and services provide consumers and businesses with the options and ability to help them reduce the environmental impact of their everyday activities through carbon offsets and renewable energy credits

Learn more at Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. TerraPass is a registered trade name of Just Energy Resources LLC.

About Bonneville Environmental Foundation

BEF, a national nonprofit, empowers businesses to be in balance with the environment through a full suite of environmental products, educational and community engagement programs, and custom solutions that help our partners address their unavoidable energy, carbon and water impacts. We align our partners’ goals with our extensive industry expertise to achieve immediate results today while helping solve tomorrow’s biggest environmental challenges. We thrive on bringing game-changing ideas to market, including: helping to start the voluntary renewable energy credit (REC) market; creating the first voluntary water restoration product (WRC); helping launch the first community-funded solar project in the nation; co-creating the Change the Course water sustainability campaign; and building the nation’s most comprehensive K-12 renewable energy STEM education program. Learn more at


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