Voting guide for state ballot measures

Written by adam


I’m just passing this info along — I don’t live in California and have a passing familiarity with this year’s ballot measures. I do know know that ballot measures are often misleadingly named or confusingly written, so it’s helpful to see what the big advocacy groups are saying.

**Update:** Grist has the goods. Check out their round-up of arguments for and against environment-related state ballot measures across the country.

And in this case, both the Sierra Club and National Resources Defense Council are in agreement:

* **YES on Prop 1A: High-Speed Rail** “Prop 1A would provide $9.95 billion in bond funds to spur the development of an 800-mile high-speed rail system and improve existing rail networks.”
* **NO on Prop 7: The Solar and Clean Energy Act of 2008.** “It’s billed as a way to boost the use of clean energy in California, but Prop 7 would actually make renewable energy development more difficult in the state.”
* **NO on Prop 10: Calif. Alternative Fuels Initiative.** “Prop 10 would use $5 billion in taxpayer-financed bonds primarily to convert vehicles to run on natural gas — diverting funds from other global warming solutions.”

I googled around a bit to see if there were ballot measures in other states that the big environmental groups are weighing in on. I didn’t come up with anything, but if you know of any important local measures, feel free to leave a comment.

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