Use Night Lights

Written by terrapass


This is an easy one. Do you leave any room lights on in your house to help you (or your little ones) navigate at night? Switch them off and use low-energy night lights instead.

**How this helps**

Super-efficient night lights, particularly ones that use LEDs, need so little energy that they cost less than a dollar *per year* to operate. And LEDs virtually never burn out.

**Related tips**

* Replace your incandescent light bulbs with CFLs.
* Use solar-powered outdoor lighting.

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  1. Dr. Jeff

    We replaced 13 night lights in my home and business with LED models. Purchases came from several differing locations and (allegedly) different mfgrs. ALL of them have died within 6 months or less. By dead I mean the normal LED output has diminished so much it might as well be off. At a cost of $3 to $5 per, and now a lovely waste of non-recyclableness, I cannot see how this is of any benefit.

  2. Eric

    Our results have been quite different. We bought 2 from a local big box hardware store a year ago. They work great and haven’t dimmed at all that I can tell. They look nice for a nightlight too. a 1×2 flat screen of light (switchable between blue and green).

  3. Donald Baxter, Iowa City, Iowa

    My experience with LED night light has been exceptional–and now the bulbs are available to screw in to standard night light fixtures–they’re brighter and I think they cost around $3 for two bulbs (Menards–a midwest home improvement store has these; I’ve not seen them elsewhere). I think the LED nightlights are rated at less that .5 watt.

  4. Cheryl

    I’m surprised to hear of your bad experience with LED nightlights. I had a cheap decorative one that blinked with tropical fish, etc and had been plugged in for nearly 8 years. I finally died when our house was hit by lightning but if that hadn’t happened, who knows how much longer I would have had that kitchy thing. My only complaint was that it didn’t have a switch to turn it off during the day, but with that low of energy use, I guess the plastic switch would have cost more in energy to make 🙂

  5. Bhavin Shah

    I have purchased 15 of these about 1 year ago and about 4-5 have already went out on me. The manufacture advertises that they would last from 4-6 years, but clearly that is not the case. Luckily I din’t spend but $1/per light so no big deal.
    They are very good in terms of the light it provides for the amount of energy it uses.