Real vs. Fake: The Great Christmas Tree Debate


Are they real or fake? Most of us who celebrate the holidays with a Christmas tree have an opinion about which type of tree is better, so we decided to take a look at the climate impact of each to see if that should make a difference in your decision.

The winner?
It depends on how long you keep your artificial tree and how far you drive to purchase a tree.


Whether you opt for a real or fake tree, there’s a forest full of trees that we can all get behind: The City of Arcata Community Forest absorbs and stores approximately 2,500 more metric tons of C02 a year than neighboring forests, or the equivalent of taking 550 cars off the road each year.

Holiday Forest GiftPurchase a Holiday Forest bundle this holiday season and you’ll receive a 1 mT carbon offset from this project, a digital certificate and a plantable holiday tree tag made of parsley, basil and chive seeds!

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The carbon footprint data was sourced from the Ellipsos Study: Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Artificial vs Natural Christmas Tree

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