Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Sustainability

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You’re doing all you can to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  But how do you carry those lessons through to the next generation? Talking to your children and teaching them about climate change can be complicated, but the best place to start is by educating them on the beauty and fragility of Mother Earth and the environment. Here are a few tips to follow when teaching your children how to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Tips for Teaching Your Kids About SustainabilityDO reduce, reuse, recycle, plant, garden, walk instead of drive, buy and eat local, use less. Do all of the things you’ve been doing to live a greener life, just get your kids involved. Have them help with the recycling, composting, gardening, and farmer’s market shopping. By the time they’re adults, this eco-friendly lifestyle will be second nature.

DON’T contradict yourself. You can’t expect your kids to create less trash and use less energy if you’re walking around with disposable water bottles (the eco-friendly, reusable water bottles are now available everywhere) and driving a gas guzzling SUV (when you could be driving a hybrid or cycling to work). Put your words into action and let your kids see you making green choices in your life.Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Sustainability

DO explain the reasons why you should recycle, garden, pick up trash, and otherwise live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Explain to your children – in age-appropriate terms – that we are the “keepers” of this planet for future generations (including theirs), and that if we don’t care for Mother Earth, she won’t be around for all to enjoy. Kids are more apt to put their green lessons into action if they know why they’re important.

Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Sustainability

DON’T use fear of a warming planet or apocalyptic-sounding scenarios. This will only make living an eco-friendly lifestyle a scary, anxiety-invoking, guilt-ridden process for your children, when it should be a positive force in their lives.

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