The TerraPass store: your reviews please!

Written by pete


It seems far longer than three months ago that we began selling energy-saving gadgets at TerraPass. Since then, hundreds of you have cut down on standby power with the Smart Strip, measured your appliance’s power usage with the Kill A Watt or kept your tires fully inflated with the LED Tire Alerts.

Now we need your feedback — our product pages have a handy tool that lets you leave your reviews on anything you’ve purchased. It helps us to know what you think, and can help to inform other customers who are thinking of buying.

Reviewing is simple. Go to the TerraPass energy-savers page and click on the item you want to review. Thanks for helping out!

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  1. Monty

    I purchased the ‘Smart Strip’ and the product is great. However, aside from the three products you mention, there is not much there. Keep increasing the product line-up, and I will keep shopping.

  2. Smart Strip Review

    I purchased a slightly different model of the Smart Strip from Amazon (sorry guys 🙂 and it totally rocks. I have a detailed post on my blog at this URL for anyone interested, with pictures and everything.
    Bottom line: it saves about 14 Watts continuously for me. (And because I finally figured out how to successfully hibernate my computer automatically, it’s more like 50 watts continuously!)
    Tom Harrison