The green (10,000) mile adventure

Written by aditya trivedi


In just 2 weeks, intrepid travelers/adventurists from across the world will embark on the Mongol Rally, a 10,000 mile drive that starts in London, England and ends in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. The rules are simple: raise money for charity and get to the end (however you choose).

One team was adamant about making their adventure as sustainable as possible.

Baatar Hero, a team of 6 from Seattle, will be driving across uncharted territory in 2 small, fuel-efficient vehicles (Fiat Puntos). They’ll be using a ScanGauge II to measure their vehicles’ actual efficiency as part of a daily report, which will be integrated into their website. The carbon footprint from their vehicles (and flights) will be offset from the TerraPass project portfolio.

In addition, Baatar Hero will be installing solar panels, using rechargeable batteries to power their gear, purifying their own water (to reduce plastic bottle waste), and sporting some sustainable hybrid shoes!

The team expects to pass through 19 countries in 6 weeks across Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Siberia. Upon arriving in Mongolia, they will be donating their cars and gear. They’ve also raised over $5000 for their selected charity, Mercy Corps.

Bon Voyage to Team Baatar Hero! We look forward to virtually following them on their adventure!

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