TerraPass welcomes partner Five Winds International

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TerraPass is pleased to welcome Five Winds International as our newest Carbon Balanced Business partner. Five Winds has balanced out the CO2 emissions resulting from its on-site energy use, business travel and employee commuting.

Five Winds International is a leading management consulting firm that helps organizations improve the financial, environmental and social performance of their projects, products and services. Its strength is helping clients integrate environmental and social considerations into their core business activities.

Five Winds International recognizes that climate change is a key challenge facing all sectors of society, and it is committed to doing its part to address this challenge, both through its consulting services and through its own operations. Five Winds International focuses on policy design, employee education and best practices to avoid and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2006, the company established a Sustainable Purchasing Policy with four specific targets, including a goal to become carbon neutral in 2007. As part of this policy, all new office equipment purchased since 2006 must, at a minimum, meet the energy efficiency requirements of the Energy Star or Blue Angel ecolabels. Additionally, all paper purchases must be at least 30% post-consumer recycled content and carry a label denoting the use of wood from a sustainably-managed forest. Five Winds International’s Paoli, Pennsylvania, office has also become a charter member of the Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program.

To select an offset supplier, Five Winds International created a short list based on published assessments of leading offset suppliers and used its intranet site to survey all employees on their preferences. Based on this survey, Five Winds International selected TerraPass as its carbon offset supplier.

Five Winds International’s Curtis Harnanan explained what drew employees to TerraPass: “TerraPass’ focus on using the highest standards in the voluntary carbon market assured us that we were purchasing offsets that would be making a real, verifiable impact in reducing CO2 emissions.”

TerraPass commends Five Winds International for its commitment to sustainability and its work in helping other companies achieve similar goals.

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