Terrapass Sponsors Wikimania 2019, Offsetting 656.35mT of Carbon

Written by TerraPass


Every year, millions of people travel around the globe to attend all kinds of conferences, trade shows, and workshops. Between the travel, the food, and the energy it takes to keep the lights on, it’s safe to say conferences do their fair share of damage to the environment. Terrapass is helping change how some conferences operate—encouraging them to go green and reduce their environmental impact. We’re proud to team up with a special conference partner, Wikimania 2019, to deliver a carbon-neutral event that attendees will be sure to love!

What is Wikimania?

Wikimania is an annual conference that celebrates free knowledge projects from around the world. Wikimania 2019 will go from August 14-18 and will feature discussions, meetups, training, workshops, and special guests and thought leaders from the free knowledge movement. This year’s theme for the conference will be, “Stronger together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge, and the Sustainable Development Goals.” This year Wikimania will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, and is expecting nearly 1,200 attendees.

What’s Wikimania’s Carbon Footprint?

We worked closely with the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Sweden to calculate the event’s carbon footprint and estimated it would produce about 656.35mT of carbon. We are proud to sponsor this groundbreaking event and will be helping offset 656.35mT of Carbon using our unique carbon offset offerings.

What Goes into a Conference’s Carbon Footprint?

To help calculate the carbon footprint of Wikimania we looked at the estimated number of attendees and looked at the potential carbon emissions of their flights, hotel, and other transportation. Our experts estimated over 2,000 lbs of carbon for some attendees, and with thousands of expected guests, you can imagine that kind of impact adds up quickly.

How Terrapass Offsets Conference Carbon

Luckily, Terrapass allows environmentally-conscious attendees and conference organizers to enjoy their event without the guilt of damaging the planet. We work hard to collectively offset the environmental impact of this event and others like it by offering several types of carbon offsets that are third-party validated. These offsets include:

  • Farm power
  • Landfill gas capture
  • Clean energy from wind power
  • Improved forest management

Benefits of Carbon Offsets for Conferences & Large Events

Consumers, including conference-goers, are more and more concerned about the devastating effects of climate change. Even when an event, like Wikimania, is environmentally-conscious, it can be difficult to impossible to account for everything that goes into putting on a significant event. Carbon offsets allow event organizers to limit their environmental impact while still offering the food, drinks, transportation, and accommodations that people have come to expect. The result of purchasing carbon offsets to balance the impact of a large event is a happy planet and happy attendees!

How to Calculate Your Event’s Carbon Footprint

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The first step to turning your event more eco-friendly is measuring your carbon footprint. The problem is these calculations can be complicated and confusing for most people. Luckily, Terrapass has made an easy-to-use carbon calculator that can estimate your events’ carbon footprint without the need for an advanced mathematics degree. Just fill out your basic information and our team will handle the rest!

Let Terrapass Help Your Conference Go Green!

If you are attending, promoting, or organizing a conference, then we want to help you, too! Terrapass is the leading provider of carbon offsets from U.S.-based projects in terms of quality and transparency, and we want to help your next big event go green! Explore our carbon offset packages now, or meet with our team to explore ways your conference can do their part.

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