TerraPass on EDF’s CarbonOffsetList.org

Written by tom


We’re pleased to announce that TerraPass is featured on CarbonOffsetList.org, a new initiative from Environmental Defense Fund to highlight quality in the voluntary carbon offset market.

EDF has been a longtime champion of using innovative market-based mechanisms to bring about greenhouse gas reductions in a cost-effective manner. And TerraPass has long shared EDF’s philosophy toward identifying great projects: an emphasis on sound methodologies, permanent emissions reductions, and third-party verification.

We submitted one of our most recent projects, the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (GLRA) landfill gas-to-energy project for inclusion in the list. GLRA is an outstanding group, recognized by the EPA as a Community Partner of the Year through the Landfill Methane Outreach Program.

Like EDF, we recognize that while offsets are an important part of the climate change puzzle, a complete solution will require action on many fronts. Via EDF, here are the “four C’s” of fighting climate change:

1. Conserve energy
2. Convert to lower carbon energy
3. Choose quality offsets
4. Call for (political) action

Four simple steps for a sustainable future.

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