TerraPass on Car Talk

Written by adam


We don’t usually blog our own press hits, but this is one we’re especially proud of: TerraPass on Car Talk (web article, not a radio piece).

The interview works plenty of Tom and Ray’s cornball humor into a surprisingly deep piece on the offset industry. Check it out.

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  1. Bob

    Ok, so I just discovered your site. I did the calculation thing on my car and it said I put 4695 lbs. of carbon per year into the atmosphere. And it said I use 240 gallons of gas. Now here is my question: 240 gallons x approx. 8lbs per gallon = 1,920 lbs. How do I create 4695 lbs of one substance by burning 1,920 lbs of another?

    (btw, 2/3 of my yearly driving is on a BMW motorcycle, at some point you should add those to the list of vehicles.)

  2. Adam Stein

    Hi Bob,
    We get this question a lot. Answer is here.
    – Adam