TerraPass helps Super Bowl to be greener

Written by terrapass



And it’s not just the grass that will be green. The 2009 Super Bowl will be the most environmentally friendly yet, thanks to an extensive environmental program from the NFL. This year’s initiatives include:

1. Prepared food recovery
2. Material recovery and donation
3. Solid waste management and recycling
4. Development of a wide range of urban and community forestry projects in the host community
5. Renewable energy purchases to power the stadium on game day and the NFL Experience Theme Park for the two week period it will be operating.

Of course there would be no game without the players, coaches and NFL staff traveling from their respective cities to Tampa. With the support of our partner Expedia, TerraPass calculated and balanced out the impact of this travel with credits from our portfolio of independently verified emissions reduction projects.

So while they may not have a team in the big game, there are a few dairy farms in Michigan who can say they contributed other, ahem, *resources*, to make Super Bowl more sustainable.

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