TerraPass Carbon Balanced Businesses have their say

Written by alicia


With hundreds of businesses now participating in TerraPass’ Carbon Balanced Business (CBB) program, we decided to conduct a survey of this customer base to gauge attitudes and behaviors towards carbon offsetting and other sustainability initiatives across the workplace. Below are some of the results and here’s a handy one-pager summarizing the key findings.

Consistent with our previous two annual individual customer surveys, the notion that our customers purchase carbon offsets instead of taking other steps to reduce their carbon impact is laid to rest. As these results show, TerraPass’ CBB customers use offsets as one component in a mix of sustainability initiatives designed to reduce environmental impact and educate stakeholders.

– 97% of TerraPass CBB customers encourage recycling in the workplace.

– 63% mandate or strongly encourage double sided printing or other paper saving measures

– 56% have reduced workplace heating and air conditioning use

– 22% subsidize public transportation for employees

– 10% provide incentives for employees who bike commute

And check this, 81% say current economic conditions have not made a difference in the company’s continued commitment to purchasing offsets, demonstrating that our CBB customers are strongly dedicated to their sustainability initiatives.

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  1. Sandeep Jaganath

    And how many encourage friends/relatives to eliminate/reduce meat and dairy intake?
    This is the single most effective step according to the Chair of the IPCC