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Are you passionate about the fight against climate change?  Are you inspired to get involved in efforts that impede global warming?  Are you looking for ways to reduce your personal and/or corporate carbon footprint? Join us at CarbonTAP! CarbonTAP is TerraPass’ new online community that brings together people who are actively engaged in helping the environment, as well as access to activities, rewards and referral offers.

Join today – it takes just seconds to register. Click this link and enter your information. From there, you can configure your profile and view the benefits and rewards that await you for completing challenges and quizzes. You’ll earn points and badges for your online activities, which puts you in the running for fabulous prizes.

Team Up With TerraPass and CarbonTAPThe challenges range from fun quizzes (How much do you know about the Super Bowl? What would you change about Star Wars?) to tests with an educational slant (What do you know about RECs? What’s your Carbon Offset IQ?). And there are, of course, a few review opportunities thrown in to help you grab some easy points (tip: make sure you read the articles that we post here on the Footprint blog!).

Another way to rack up your score is to take your online eco-adventures to the next level with the Eco Tour challenge. CarbonTAP offers a number of nationwide TerraPass locations to visit (they’re virtual visits, although you might have a better shot at completing the challenges if you’ve physically made the journey – and balanced out the carbon footprint of your travel with carbon offsets!) When you complete specific challenges at each location, you’ll earn points and unlock some pretty cool badges.

You can also team up with other climate change combatants by joining eco-friendly online groups. Simply share links on social media and you’ve put some more points in your pocket.

See your standings with other CarbonTAP members on the leaderboard and fight for the top spot! Redeem your points for fabulous products (check out the rewards catalog here) that will make your home or apartment more energy efficient.Team Up With TerraPass and CarbonTAP From programmable thermostats and long-lasting light bulbs, to shower heads that waste less water and reduced-noise smoke alarms, CarbonTAP is all about minimizing your personal carbon footprint!

TerraPass is always adding new challenges that are fun and educational, keeping the program innovative and interesting. If you have questions about CarbonTAP, don’t hesitate to contact us here: [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you soon on the CarbonTAP platform!

For more eco-friendly lifestyle tips, information and ideas, stay connected to the TerraPass Footprint Blog. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, where we’re always sharing news and knowledge for living in sustainable, green style.



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