Reduce your footprint: BBQ edition

sustainable bbq reduces the carbon footprint

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When we think about the scents of summer, we think of fresh cut grass, salt and sand at the beach, and sizzling burgers. Take a deep breath.  Bet you can almost smell the tantalizing aroma of kebabs, burgers, steaks and chicken on the grill!

Are you planning a backyard bash to kickoff the dog days of summer (hot dog, that is)? Calling all grillin’ folks: We’re looking at you when we talk about green grilling! Below, find our top tips for an eco-friendly event, complete with grilled goodies, biodegradable options, and plenty of fun for all (but without as many harmful carbon emissions)!

Unfortunately for the old-fashioned summer pastime, grilling can be toxic, polluting, and even dangerous, especially when done improperly or with old, outdated equipment. Thankfully, along with new technology comes a lower carbon footprint and a reduction of carbon emissions. Find our top tips, below:

Hybrid Grills: No, you didn’t read that wrong. Cars aren’t the only technology that comes in a hybrid format these days! Consider these babies the Rolls Royce of green grilling.

Electric Grills: A more economical option, electric grills release 99% less carbon monoxide and 91% less carbon dioxide than grilling with traditional charcoal.

Natural Gas Grills: Many modern grills have a “natural gas” option. Natural gas burns as the cleanest fossil fuel, with a lower carbon footprint than propane. Be sure this option is engaged, if it is a feature on your grill.

Fluids/Charcoal: Avoid lighter fluids and self-lighting charcoals, as these fuels release petrochemicals into the atmosphere – substances that can contribute to the human cause of climate change.

Don’t “over-preheat”: Most grills only take five or ten minutes to warm up. Don’t lose track of time and let your grill preheat for longer than necessary.  Staying vigilant will conserve fuel and energy.

Clean Your Grill Regularly: A clean grill means less smoke (and less pollution) during your next event.

Avoid Plastic/Paper Dishware: Look for biodegradable options, or go green by utilizing re-usable utensils, cups, plates, etc.

Host a Neighborhood Shindig and Encourage Guests to Walk/Bike: If you’re hosting an event for your neighbors, ask them to walk, bike or carpool, if necessary.

Do you have any tips we’ve missed or any recommendations for hybrid/electric grills? Share with us and our fellow readers in the comments, below!



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