Racing for green journalism

Written by erik


I’m running the Boston Marathon on Monday April 18, just a few days before Earth Day on April 22. I’ve done my training, bought my offsets to balance out the flight to Boston, and decided that it would be fitting to support a good cause with my efforts.

Rather than focus on the usual health-related causes, noble though they may be, I thought I would try to raise money instead for an environmental cause. In particular, the cause of good environmental journalism and opinion, as practiced at Grist Magazine, online at

Journalism is a discipline under threat, and environmental reporters are hard to find even at the best-funded of our national media outlets. I think it’s vitally important to help organizations like Grist act as (in their slogan’s words) “A Beacon In The Smog.” A 501c3 non-profit, Grist is on a mission to shine a light on the environment, through an appealing lens of good humor.

If you’d like to support me in my run, please click over to the fundraising page I’ve set up here. Thank you for your help!

Note: this post is entirely personal; TerraPass does not benefit from any donations.

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