Putting the Green in St. Patrick’s Day

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We all know the St. Patty’s Day traditions – temporary shamrock tattoos, beads, block parties, Irish pubs, and, of course, green beer.

This year, let’s take the “green” theme up a notch with the added flair of sustainability! That’s right – it’s possible to embrace your inner Irish and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.

Party Sustainably:

If you’re hosting a St. Patty’s Day get-together, make it a green one (and we’re not just talking about the festive color)! After all, there’s nothing festive about climate change.

You know the drill by now:  Instead of wasteful, disposable plates, glassware, table coverings and paper napkins, consider using glass and ceramic dishware and fabric napkins and tablecloths that can be washed and re-used. Come up with recyclable centerpieces and decorations (skip the crêpe paper streamers), and offer your guests plenty of opportunities to recycle, with clearly marked recycling bins located throughout the venue. In addition, encourage your guests to bike, walk, or carpool to the event, in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Did you ever want to brew your own beer? What better occasion than St. Patty’s! Making your own concoctions and/or opting for craft beers from a local brewery are ways to offset carbon emissions from traditional beer runs.

Don Green Gear:

Don’t buy a new outfit for the occasion (especially if you already know you won’t wear it for another year), but instead peruse your friends’/family members’ closets or take a trip to a local thrift/consignment store. Chances are, they will be well stocked with green gear for the occasion!

Skip the plastic beads, shamrock shades and plastic buttons… what are the chances of them making it through the festivities, anyway?

For the Kids:

Need a way to occupy the kids? These recycled shamrock projects make a family-friendly way to celebrate St. Patty’s.

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