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Product Profile: Bay Area BalanceIt’s an environmental melting pot. With a multitude of mountain ranges, exquisite lakes, lavish forests, miles of pristine coastline, vast deserts, and numerous urban environs, California has it all! But each year, the nation’s third largest state experiences some combination of tsunamis, floods, droughts, wildfires, landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the infamous Santa Ana winds. If there’s any place that should be concerned with climate change, it’s the Golden State.

Climate change weighs heavily on the minds of many Californians, and the state has taken the lead on many environmental efforts. California passed legislation to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More buildings are being designed and constructed using sustainable, efficient methods, renewable energy from solar and wind power is plentiful and on the rise, and an increasing number of people are driving energy-efficient cars or taking public transportation.

Product Profile: Bay Area BalanceWhile these are tremendous efforts in the fight against climate change and for energy efficiency, there’s one action you can take that will have an immediate impact on the state’s environment, air quality and water supply. With the purchase of the terrapass Bay Area Balance product, you’ll earn carbon offsets and BEF Water Restoration Certificates (WRC’s), supporting projects that reduce carbon emissions and bolster water restoration. The projects, based in California, are the Sunny Brae Tract in Arcata and the River Wetlands project in Sacramento. These projects provide direct benefits to the entire state of California. You can rest easy knowing your purchase is helping your neighbors and making one of the country’s most beautiful states even better. Product Profile: Bay Area Balance

The Bay Area Balance includes carbon offsets that allow you to balance out your natural gas use, public transportation and waste emissions. For all those activities you simply can’t avoid (transportation to work, air travel, air conditioning and heating in your home, computer use, etc.), carbon offsets mitigate the environmental damage and reduce your personal carbon footprint.

For more information and to purchase your Bay Area Balance, click here to get started. You’re already on your way to creating a more carbon-free, cleaner California. And if you’d like to purchase carbon offsets that support clean energy projects across the rest of the country, terrapass has options for everyone and every budget. Click here to view all the terrapass carbon offset products. 

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